Exam classes

Exam 2Requirements – uniform, ballet, jazz and tap shoes

Examination technique work is taught in most of the younger level classes and from under 12 upward becomes a separate class as the work becomes more involved and there are varying levels to cater for. Students are encouraged to participate in these classes with strong focus on technique. Those considered ready will sit examinations, which are held at different times through the year, those still needing more confidence will be encouraged to take part in an assessment level, where they remain with class mates and still receive a medal and report just no grading. Exams are a fabulous way of assessing you child’s progress and giving them a goal to work toward. We are also pleased that our examinations in higher levels are recognized by the SACE board.

More information can be sought by checking out the websites of the following organizations:

Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing

Australian Institute of Classical Dance

Australian Teachers of Dance