A place to be me

12345613_1129751990369654_5969755135723195569_nAge group: 2-3 years old

Some younger children might be ready for this program dependent on developmental stages.

iStock_000011994797SmallProgram Specifics

Carers are seen as parents, grandparents, child minders, adult family friends, teachers and others in early childhood workplaces. The ‘carer‘ in the program is called a ‘friend‘ so as to develop confidence for the young student. The ‘friend‘ works with the student throughout all of the activities.

  • The role of a ‘friend‘ is clearly noted in the program for the teacher so as to allow for the maximum involvement and understanding of the concept by the ‘friend‘.
  • Aims are clearly listed din all activities.
  • The program allows for student and teacher exploration of the concepts. At times the ideas might stimulate other activities that will enhance the learning and imagination of students. This is encouraged and the lessons do not need to be done rigidly but should be flexible.
  • Free movement, creativity and mime are encouraged in activities.
  • Books are involved in every lesson to stimulate imagination and to create an imaginative base for further dance concepts and skills. Visual stimuli  have been incorporated as a teaching tool.
  • Tactile experiences are developed through play on apparatus, use of props and musical instruments.


  • The format of each lesson is consistent so both the teacher and the ‘carer’ feel comfortable in the flow of the lesson.
  • The lessons are based on a 30minute schedule but can be lengthened or used over a longer period of time, broken up and combined with other lessons and activities and do not need to run in the order of the program.
  • “Imagine, a place to be me” does not only apply to students but also to the teacher.
  • Themes have been added as a fun addition to the program. These can be developed as intensely as the teacher and students choose.
  • The learning experiences of the students have not been added to this set of plans, however, the aims should identify the aspects of learning and experiences.
  • Students of this group age learn in a positive environment with bright stimuli and a well planned program that is flexible to suit the needs and interests of the student.