Enrolment Form

For a list of available classes, please see your selected studio: West Croydon, Elizabeth or Golden Grove timetable.

Enrolment Form

You can fill the form below which will automatically email us at TIDC. You can use the form below to enrol or express interest in certain classes: (you can see relative timetable by clicking each location link). Please note you will have to agree to Terms and Conditions as well as Photographic Release in order to submit the form. If you wish not to agree to the Photographic Release, you can still enrol by attending appropriate open day.



(Private & Confidential)

Student Details
Name: Date of birth:
Address: Age as at 01/01/17
Home phone:
Email address: Gender:   FemaleMale I am a:   New StudentReturning Student
Parent/Guardian Details (for under 18 year old students only)
Mother’s name: Father’s name:
Mother’s mobile: Father’s mobile:
Guardian name: Guardian mobile:
2017 Class details (you must choose at least one)

Studio Location:

Non-comp classes:

Preferred Day:

Technique classes:

Exam Class:

Competitive troupe:

(must do technique as well)

Medical / Personal Information
Does your child have any allergies and/or medical conditions or require an asthma puffer, epipen?
If yes to above, please provide details:
Do you consent to the TIDC calling an ambulance for your child in the event of an emergency?
Do you have Ambulance Cover? Medicare No:
Private Health Fund (if appl): Membership No:
Are there any custody issues that TIDC need to be aware of?
  If yes, what are the Custody Details?
Please detail any learning difficulties and or social issues that will affect their dance and teachers need to be aware of?
Emergency Contacts (to be somebody other than parents/guardians listed above)
1st emergency contact
Name: Relationship to student:
Home phone: Mobile phone:
2nd emergency contact
Name: Relationship to student:
Home phone: Mobile phone:
Terms and Conditions of Enrolment
I agree to pay all fees including but not limited to class fees, registration fees, costume costs, exam and competition entry fees.
I have read and understand the fee information and conditions and will keep my fee account up to date.
I understand lessons will be suspended to any student with an unpaid account and fines will be applied.
I understand there are no refunds for missed lessons, no exceptions.
Students are committing to their chosen classes for the entire year.
Students withdrawing from TIDC Performing Arts Studio (TIDC), must give 2 weeks notice. Fees will be adjusted from this date. Payment must be received in 7 days upon receiving final invoice. There are no refunds on registration fees and/or costumes already paid.
All students must arrive to their scheduled classes 10 minutes before start time and in correct uniform.
All students must wear the correct uniform and shoes for their age group. All uniforms are available through the office at your studio.
TIDC will not be held responsible or liable for any injury sustained by a student and/or personal property lost or damaged whilst under the supervision of our employees/volunteers.
All senior employees hold first aid certificates and police clearance certificates.
TIDC will seek medical help where necessary and any costs incurred will be the responsibility of the student’s parent/caregiver.
TIDC has a Child Safe Environment policy and all senior employees are qualified mandatory reporters.
All costumes, choreography and music are subject to copyright and belong to TIDC Performing Arts Studio. These may not be used without prior consent from the Director.
Costumes and routines are not to be worn or used for any performance other than those organised by TIDC.
Students and their parents/caregivers must be respectful to all other students, employees and volunteers representing TIDC.
Students and their parents/caregivers agree to make TIDC a pleasant and friendly environment for all students and their families.
Students and their parents/caregivers agree to keep our studio tidy and well maintained by cleaning up after themselves and respecting the studios facilities.
Photos and/or videos may be taken of your child and used for advertising and/or training purposes. This may include in newspapers and Facebook.
All information provided on this enrolment form is kept completely confidential.


A) The parent/legal guardian and student consent to the broadcasting & recording (by photographs, films, tape or otherwise) of the students participation in all TIDC PERFORMING ARTS STUDIO activities for use throughout the world, with no limitations on time.
B) All rights in broadcasting & recording materials, including copyright therein and ownership of the physical materials (negative, tapes, film), shall be TIDC PERFORMING ARTS STUDIO’s and it’s collaborating party’s exclusive property. TIDC shall have the right to make and publish copies of said broadcasting and recording, including the right to use the student’s name in relation to all TIDC activities only.

I agree to the photographic release outlined above.