Friends of TIDC Committee

raises money to benefit all students’ across the three studios

Friends of TIDC Committee

Friends of Total Image Dance Company” raises money to benefit all students’ across the three [3] studios: Golden Grove, Elizabeth and West Croydon.  The committee currently consists of 11 amazing parents/grandparents who get together approximately once a month, to share, explore, and discuss ideas about what the students may need and then plan events and projects to raise the required funds to assist the TIDC Dancers.

The Committee also organizes the annual End of Year event that incorporates presentations and allows the students to relax and socialize together, celebrating all the hard work and success of the year. Should you be interested in joining the committee please speak to one of the current committee members or contact Penny VanDerVlag


Chairperson:     Penny VanDerVlag
Secretary          Angela Branford
Treasurer          Chris Doyle
Public Officer    Annie Ciot
Publicity OfficerCo-Share       Tammie Blackmore & Lisa Stoddard

Additional Members:
Leah Arrizza
Jo Lavia
Hayley Reid
Kristy Blunden
Carmen Donhardt