My name is Mackenzie Dael Price, I have been dancing since I was 3 years old and am entering into my 12th year with Total Image Dance Company. In my last 17 years of dance, MissKerreanne and Kerry have trained me into the best dancer I could be, helping me to achieve in CSTD and ATOD examinations and to strive at various dance competitions in Australia. Always encouraging me and pushing me to achievemy goals, TIDC lead me to a Melbourne based studio; Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance in 2012. One of the most incredible experiences of my life, I trained with inspirational dancers such as Adrian Ricks, Paul Malek and Troy Phillips. A hiccup in my journey meant knee surgery, rehab and the diagnosis of arthritis in my knees inevitably ending my full time training. Luckily for me my second family at TIDC welcomed me back with open arms, not only training me to teach my own classes over the past year but helping me toretrain my injured knees to dance. 2014 looks to be a busy but exciting year as I head to Europe with fellow TIDC members as a part of the Australian Youth Performing Arts Team, begin a university degree to become a high school teacher, participate in various competitions with the senior TIDC troupe and begin teaching my own classes here at TIDC.