Welcome to the TIDC Performing Arts Studio

TIDC PERFORMING ARTS STUDIO (formerly Total Image Dance Company) is one of the top theatrical schools in South Australia offering a comprehensive range of study in performing arts, including jazz, tap, classical, contemporary dance, hip hop, cheerleading, boyz only classes and musical theatre classes incorporating dance, drama and singing.

TIDC performing arts are now taking enrollments for 2014 after an amazing year in 2013. 2014 will see students invited to perform in Disneyland Hong Kong, Disneyland Paris and at Saddlers Wells Theatre as well as both local and national eisteddfods.

Students in 2013 went onto performing in King Kong the musical, Disney Japan, New York, Moulin Rouge and Carabean Cruises to name a few. Contact us via Facebook or our website’s contact form.

 We also pride ourselves in offering students many opportunities in both the musical theatre and classical companies throughout Adelaide and Australia. TIDC is run by Kerreane Sarti who has gathered together a wealth of experienced and talented teachers who have been former dancers and choreographers. Kerreane is proud to offer a school that has something to offer to everybody – for the person who wants to come once a week for fun and fitness to the dedicated performer who wants to learn a variety of performance styles and be pushed to an elite level. Please note that West Croydon Studio now also offers  SACE dance classes from Year 10 upward. 

Classes are offered for fun, fitness and the professional student, and encourage confidence, deportment and flexibility in a safe, caring and friendly environment.



Non-competitive level stream classes have no compulsory classes attached and are not entered in eisteddfods. They do all perform in the end of year concert and all students are given equal chance to be in the front, build confidence and have fun.


Competitive Stream classes aim toward competitions and/or exams. Ballet exam students must attend two classes per week, tap and jazz exam students in teams must be committed to classes for technique. Those interested in competitions must also do at least one technical class in ballet, contemporary or stretch. This Stream is a stepping stone for those children who, as they get older, want to further studies both at school and tertiary level, or perhaps move to teaching. This commitment is expected from Under 10 level upward only.


This is a program designed for our most talented older students to push them to a new level in dance.  This is an acknowledgement of your child’s talent, enthusiasm and loyalty to TIDC Performing Arts Studio. You must be already doing exams and competitions to be considered.


We offer different streams so everyone can be working at the level of commitment they choose. As our school has grown over the years we realised that not everyone wants to be competitive and not everyone was here “just for fun”. Some people are very serious about their dancing and want to make it their number one commitment.

This year we will introduce the advanced stream for our students who want even more. These students want to be competitive with some of the best schools in Australia and be at an elite level and live for dance.

We certainly do not promote any individual or group to feel they are “higher” or “better” than the other – just there for different reasons. What we do foster is for all students to ENCOURAGE each other & build confidence in every stream.  A lot of children can be discouraged if working in a level that is too hard for them and having different streams allows teachers to move at a pace that that level requires.

At the end of each year students will be reviewed to see if they should be invited to elite the following year.

Please feel free to browse the website and if you have any further queries do not hesitate to email or phone and we will assist you in any way we can.